WOAH, what a ride!


I’m sure a few of you have been wondering…

“What ever happened to that dorky little UFO site that posted kind of interesting suff all the time?” – Some of You

OLD Strange Times USA site

Well, here I am to give you a quick rundown of what happened, where we have been and what the future looks like for Strange Times USA.  So hang on tight, secure your seat belts and hold on to whomever is next to you:

#1: EARLY 2012

When I started Strange Times USA, I never realized how much of a following the site would have and how it would take off.  Being a one-person operation, I decided to do a nation-wide search for the perfect blogging partner.  Enter Lisa Baca.  Similar interests in writing about strange stuff, it was a great partnership match.

Immediately made her Staff Writer/Editor and she pumped out some amazing stuff.  Around the same time, my time was becoming more and more limited due to the fact that I had my first kid on the way and I had to  focus on what REALLY made money at that time…

Three Jobs.

This is where I slowly began to realize that Strange Times USA needed some more love and attention.  Lisa grabbed the bull by the horns and brought on a few more amazingly and talented writers while I pretty much focused on work.  This is where I realized that I would not be able to participate in a project that I started.

This is where I screwed up.

Lack of leadership on my end as well as vision forced the team to disband and Strange Times USA was abandoned at the end of 2013.


So while I was going through my first experiences as a father, I totally forgot about the domain and let it expire.  This is where some jerkoffs (jk… no I’m not) turned it into this…


Snapshot of dumb site thanks to the WayBack Machine


Anyhow, that’s besides the fact.  I made several attempts to get that domain back to no avail.


A few months ago, after several years of not owning the domain, I decided to see if the previous owners made the same mistake as I and  decided to look up the domain.


Oh my gosh!  Acquired that domain with a quickness.  Didn’t do much with it because I was trying to recover admin control of the Strange Times USA Facebook page.

Allas!  I managed to regain admin control of the FB page and decided to start fresh….  or, nah?

You see, so much research and hard work has been done previously by these wonderful writers…  I would hate to see that disappear.  I decided to import the old posts to the new Strange Times USA site.

I’m currently working on updating those articles with the proper editorial and design love that it needed from when I was absent.


Great question!  I’m glad you asked.  You can look forward to the following:

  • Official re-launch of the Strange Times USA website
  • Maybe bring back some former contributors? (stay tuned)
  • Nationwide search for new staff writers/contributors
  • Reformat of the platform – Looking forward to posting 2 articles per week instead of one per day so that we can focus more on research and writing so that we can provide the most accurate and entertaining content possible
  • Did I hear someone say, Strange Times USA social media network?
  • Re-launch of the Strange Times USA podcast via Saucey Media
  • Oh yeah….  Strange Times USA App, anyone?

Well, I can honestly say that I’m REALLY excited to get back into the groove and be able to find new and innovative ways to further grow our Strange Times USA community as well as awesome content.

“To all of our subscribers, thanks for hanging in there.  We promise we won’t let you down again.” – Mike Gonzalez

T-Minus 15 days!

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