Brisbane, Australia | January 2017 – On a typical January night at the Brisbane International Airport in Australia, jets were landing and taking off.  Airport controllers with their usual chatter and airport baggage/groundsmen are going about their duties.  However, this night is not your typical night.

Footage from a CCTV feed shows a set of three UFOs in perfect triangular formation flying over the airport.  Most will assume, duh, it’s an airport and there is probably an airbase near by and three fighter jets are out on a stroll.  Which is what I initially thought.  But then this happened:


Well, there goes my guess.  Fighter jets don’t usually stop in 0.3 seconds and/or do hard turns as shown in the video.  If you watch the full video below, you can see airport employees taking pictures of the UFOs and running towards it.  This one left me scratching my head.  …Thoughts?

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