Queens, New York | December 2, 1979 – Among famous believers is the late boxing legend, Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay).  He is believed to have had several experiences.  Among his TV show appearances where he spoke about his encounters with UFOs, there are also newspaper clippings describing one of his encounters, where his trainer Angelo Dundee was a witness as well.

Clay and a sports writer covering the boxer as he did his early-morning roadwork in Central Park sighted a bright light larger than a star light due east of Manhattan.  Later Clay, the reporter and trainers watched another point of light streaking due north until it was obscured by trees.

Clay said he often sees UFOs when he does early-morning roadwork.

“They’re up there all the time, and the government is keeping it a secret.”

In another interview, he described his encounter with a UFO as he drove down a highway in New Jersey.  He spotted a glowing object in the sky and he was able to identify it as a “scout ship”.  As soon as he could, he pulled over and drew what he could remember of the ship on a paper he had handy.  He described it as a slim-shaped craft with three glowing lights under it.

If you look at his drawing of what he saw, you may notice that it looks like some of the crafts that George Adamski has reportedly made contact with on numerous occasions.


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