Ghost lifts man by lefts

India | January 5, 2017 – While sleeping, most of us have the typical sleep cycle.  We close our eyes then we either dream of something or we don’t.  Some of us sleep walk and some other sleep talk.  Some experience a nightmare with a ghost!

Apparently a ghost assisted a man with leg lifts…

In an unknown town in India, CCTV cameras captured the moment when two gentlemen were in the middle of their nightly rest routine when the door swings open.  At first, it looks like it’s the wind and not a ghost.  However, a few seconds later, that initial theory is blown out of the water by what happens next!

The footage shows some type of force lifting the legs of one of the resting fellows when it decides to go all out and start lifting this guy up in the air, leaving him hanging like a rag doll!

Watch the video below and let us know if you think if it’s real, or if you think they used the old “pulley-and-cable” trick, concealed by the terrible quality,  black and white footage of the CCTV cameras.

If you look at the footage in slow motion, you will notice something strange by the guy’s ankle.  You can almost make out a cable wrapped around his ankles.  However, there is a high possibility that I’m just seeing things.  I took it upon myself to take a snapshot of the legs and drew what I’m describing.  I put them together sided by side and well….

I’m not convinced that this proves that the video is real or that it was faked.  In fact, if it is a hoax then it was very well done as it was convincing enough for me to write about it here 🙂

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