e-enactment image of Fidel Castro meeting live alien captured by Che Guevara

Re-enactment image of Fidel Castro meeting live alien captured by Che Guevara

Sierra Maestra Mountain Region | Cuba – Fidel Castro is a very well known figure in the history of Cuba.  People remember Fidel Castro in different ways as demonstrated after his death in November of 2016, where people would make comments about Castro and his communist beliefs or comments about how much of a great leader he was.

Jose Luis Gil

However, I’m sure we can now know him as a witness to the UFO and extraterrestrial phenomenon as he admitted it during an unofficial flight to a Panamanian reporter named Jose Luis Gil, who is now the President of TV Panama and Radio Mia.

He recounted that during this flight, Castro told the story of his experience in the Sierra Maestra mountain range during a guerrilla conflict.

During one of the conflicts, a group of luminous balls of light would appear in formation.  We would shoot at it as we thought that they may be Russian crafts.  However, they would disappear shortly after.  For days they would appear then disappear.  It wasn’t until the last few days that they would stay longer and longer, prompting us to get a closer look at them.  It is then that we realized that these weren’t Russian crafts.  They were UFO’s.

Castro then met up with Che Guevara and asked if he had seen these.  Che not only admitted to seeing them, he also claimed that he captured a couple.

So I demanded that Che take me to see them.  He took me to a couple military hangars and I went inside.  I couldn’t believe my eyes, there in front of me was a real, living extraterrestrial.  On his feet, standing and moving and all.  I then also saw another one laying on a surgical table.

Castro did not go into details as to if that other being was deceased or was in the middle of surgery.  He also added that inside another hanger was a metallic space craft, solid as metal and he was allowed inside.

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